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Dexter Season 7 Episode 1 The next night, walking up to her house, flashes back on everyone who's ever wondered what exactly is, and contemplates the news that she could, in fact, deplete her magic and become normal. She lets out a few experimental bolts of atomic fairy hands.


Jessica is feeding on someone in her bed when Jason comes by the mansion. He tells her that he's learned that a vampire is responsible for his parents' deaths, and he's having trouble reconciling that with his relationship with Jessica. She tells him that all vampires aren't the same, and tenderly kisses him. He starts to kiss her back when he tastes the blood on her lips. He's angry, although he did drop by unannounced. Wonder what Miss Manners would say is the bigger transgression? Dexter Season 7 Episode 1 He realizes that Jessica's snack is still upstairs and storms off looking for him. He starts questioning Jessica's himbo -- whose name she can't even remember -- but Jessica orders the guy back to her room.


"You say you're not all the same, but really, what's the difference," Jason says. "You just drank from some dude you don't even know." Jessica: "And I suppose you know every cow you've eaten." Jason: "I ain't never (bleeped) a cow." Jessica: "It's a metaphor, you idiot." Jason: "(Bleep) you, fanger." And an enraged Jessica grabs Jason and starts chomping on his neck. Jason grabs his gun and shoots her in the head. Jessica's goons rush in and point their scopes at Jason. "It'll (bleeping) heal," Jason tells Jessica. She Dexter Season 7 Episode 1 throws him out of the house. As he heads to his car, he sees lights flashing from the direction of Sookie's house and starts running.


At the gun shop, Kevin questions Andy about Junior's death, while Sam sniffs around a back room, trying to pick up the scent of the gang who shot him and Luna. He finds a box of Obama masks, and then, rolling around on the floor in front of a disbelieving deputy Kendra, says, "I'm picking up five men, maybe six. I'm smelling bad diets and hate and envy." Kendra: "Is there something I need to know Dexter Season 7 Episode 1 about you, Mr. Merlotte?"


The Supe Klux Klan are enjoying a few cold ones with Hoyt, whom they "rescued" from a vamp earlier in the evening. Hoyt says he's ashamed they saw him like that. "I feel like I lost every once of pride I ever had," he says. The guys overlook Hoyt's eyeliner and black nails and commiserate. They blame the vampires, who want to make them feel bad about being human. "I feel more love, I feel more acceptance in this hate group than I ever felt at church, or basketball, or anywhere," Hoyt says. "That's what people don't get," Dexter Season 7 Episode 1 says Joe Bob. "Hate groups is about more than hate."